Awards and Insignia

Cub Scout Advancement

Cub Scout advancement badges must be attached directly to the uniform.

Please refer to the Uniform Information pages for the correct placement of insignia and awards.

Lion badge - Please Note: This badge is earned when a Lion Cub Scout has completed the 5 required adventures. It may be worn on the T-shirt or cap or placed on a blanket or in a collection album as desired. There is current not a permanent place for the badge on the Cub Scout uniform.

Bobcat badge (No. 370, Cub Scout, left pocket, position 1)

Tiger badge (No. 620079, Cub Scout, left pocket, position 4)

Wolf badge (No. 371, Cub Scout, left pocket, position 2)

Bear badge (No. 374, Cub Scout, left pocket, position 3)

Webelos badge – diamond (No. 43, optional for Webelos Scouts who have not earned the Tiger badge, left pocket, position 4)

Webelos badge – oval (No. 80375, Webelos Scout, left pocket, centered)

Webelos colors: red, yellow and green tabs (No. 452, option for wear by Webelos Scouts, right sleeve, under and touching the U.S. flag. If den number is worn, under and touching the den number. With either option, colors cover Journey to Excellence insignia and den emblem. If colors are worn, adventure pins are worn on the tabs.

Arrow of Light badge: (No. 44, Webelos Scout, below left pocket) – The Arrow of Light is the highest award that a Cub Scout can earn and one of the few Cub Scout emblems that may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.